Solar screens in San Antonio

Schneider Solar Screens in San Antonio TX

Schneider Solar Screens in San Antonio are the most effective and affordable window treatment to save on energy costs. Solar Screens are quickly becoming the standard for beating the Texas summer heat and keeping your home comfortably cool. Our stylish mesh screens have been shown to reduce the solar heat entering your home. The screens also save on cooling costs during the summer and retain interior heat during the winter. Our sun screens are very affordable. They will pay for themselves in savings month after month so take advantage of our affordable prices, quality installation and material.

Schneider Solar Screens here in San Antonio TX can do more than just save you money on energy costs for your home or business. Our solar screens will also work effectively as an insect screen to help keep bugs from enering through the windows. Another benefit to having our solar screens installed on your windows is eliminating the glare on your TV or in your home theater. They will block out the heat, glare, and insects from the outside still allowing the view out of the window to be visible and unobstructed.

Stay Cool & Save

With the electricity savings that can be experienced from their daily use, the savings will really add up. It is an affordable investment with numerous benefits that will save you even more money in the long run.

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